Monitoring long-term ecological impacts from release of Fukushima radiation water into ocean

Elsevier, Geography and Sustainability, Volume 2, June 2021
Lu Y., Yuan J., Du D., Sun B., Yi X.
After 10 years of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident, Japan decided on 13 April 2021 to release the nuclear wastewater into the Pacific Ocean. It is apparent that Japan has chosen the most cost-efficient way to deal with the contaminated water, however, great opposition and concerns have been aroused internationally due to the harmful ecotoxicological features of radioactive materials. Here we analyze the ecological impacts caused by the nuclear accident and the potential impacts of releasing the nuclear wastewater into the ocean. Science-based solutions are proposed through a third-party evaluation and strict environmental assessment, multi-stakeholder public participation, integrated monitoring of the neighboring coastal countries, long-term international collaborative research, and setting up international convention for ecological compensation.