Sensory and consumer research for good: a review on social responsibility

Elsevier, Current Opinion in Food Science, Volume 33, June 2020
Gomez-Corona C.
Sensory and consumer researcher can focus on the three main topics exemplified in this short review: corporate and consumer social responsibility, low income or vulnerable consumers, and migration. The concept of corporate and consumer social responsibility has gained more and more attention as people attempt to understand the relationship between the effort made by industry to carry out social and environmental actions. Different studies reveal different conclusions regarding the effect of corporate social responsibility on consumers’ shopping habits, which makes it an interesting study for future research. In contrast, low income consumers have been studied less, even though poverty affects 1.3 billion humans who are multidimensionally poor, and future research can shed light on inclusive businesses. Finally, migration is also a key topic for consumer researchers and social responsibility, as each year, millions of people migrate in search of jobs or better living conditions.