The Time Is Now: Racism and the Responsibility of Emergency Medicine to Be Antiracist

Elsevier, Annals of Emergency Medicine, Volume 78, November 2021
Franks N.M., Gipson K., Kaltiso S.-A., Osborne A., Heron S.L.
The COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on the ongoing pandemic of racial injustice. In the context of these twin pandemics, emergency medicine organizations are declaring that “Racism is a Public Health Crisis.” Accordingly, we are challenging emergency clinicians to respond to this emergency and commit to being antiracist. This courageous journey begins with naming racism and continues with actions addressing the intersection of racism and social determinants of health that result in health inequities. Therefore, we present a social-ecological framework that structures the intentional actions that emergency medicine must implement at the individual, organizational, community, and policy levels to actively respond to this emergency and be antiracist.