Contamination of Water: Chapter 4 - Current scenario of heavy metal contamination in water

Elsevier, Contamination of Water, Health Risk Assessment and Treatment Strategies, 2021, Pages 49-64
Rahul Sharma, Pinki Rani Agrawal, Ravi Kumar, Gaurav Gupta, Ittishree

Fresh water sources are the most vital elements for global socioeconomic growth and the sustainability of ecosystems. However, in recent past, anthropogenic activities along with inadequate management and monitoring of water sources have resulted into catastrophic water contamination and consequently water scarcity has become a serious global concern. Among several water pollutants, heavy metals are, particularly, recognized as the most hazardous substances with grave health and environmental consequences. Therefore a comprehensive review on the current scenario of heavy metal contamination in water is of great significance. This chapter highlights important implications of the field such as permissible limits of heavy metals in water systems, major sources of aquatic heavy metal pollution, impact of heavy metal contamination on aquatic life, human health and environment, loss of resources in form of heavy metals, prominent strategies adopted to tackle the problem, recent advancement in treatment technologies for heavy metal contaminated wastewater, and future aspects.