Navigating Academia: Chapter 11 - African-American Researchers in Computing Sciences: Expanding the Pool of Participation

Elsevier, Navigating Academia, A Guide for Women and Minority STEM Faculty, 2015, Pages 155-168
LaVar J. Charleston, Jerlando F.L. Jackson, Juan E. Gilbert, and Ryan P. Adserias

This chapter explores the known reasons why African-Americans do not pursue or persist in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines in general and in computing sciences in particular. Likewise, this chapter presents data showing low numbers of African-Americans within computing science faculty ranks. The African American Researchers in Computing Sciences (AARCS) model will be examined and presented as an intervention aimed at increasing the number of African-Americans pursuing doctoral degrees in computing sciences. In addition, empirical findings are analyzed and used to demonstrate the AARCS model’s ability to create behavioral, affective, and cognitive change in African-American undergraduate students in the computing sciences.