Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

To better understand how existing research supports progress towards the targets for each SDG, we are asking researchers like you to help evaluate the relevance of publications to those targets. You can do this by matching publications to the indicators developed by the IAEG-SDGs as a metric to show progress towards a given target.

Here’s how to help:

  1. Click Match to indicators for any publication in the list below or upload your own publications.
  2. Review the information about the publication and the list of targets and indicators relevant to the SDG.
  3. Select the indicators that you believe apply to this publication or click Not applicable at the bottom of the page.
  4. Click Submit feedback.
  5. Select another publication to review.
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Kauppi K., Hannibal C. (2017). Institutional pressures and sustainability assessment in supply chains. Supply Chain Management
16 citations
Cassano A., Conidi C., Ruby-Figueroa R., Castro-Munoz R. (2018). Nanofiltration and tight ultrafiltration membranes for the recovery of polyphenols from agro-food by-products. International Journal of Molecular Sciences
32 citations
Cumo F., Curreli F.R., Pennacchia E., Piras G., Roversi R. (2017). Enhancing the urban quality of life: A case study of a coastal city in the metropolitan area of Rome. WIT Transactions on the Built Environment
4 citations
Bostic S.M., Sobal J., Bisogni C.A., Monclova J.M. (2017). Types and Characteristics of Fish and Seafood Provisioning Scripts Used by Rural Midlife Adults. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior
1 citations

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