Water, as a vital natural resource, sits at the core of sustainable development, thus underpinning many of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDG 6, specifically titled 'Clean Water and Sanitation,' explicitly emphasizes the significance of water management. However, the relationship of water with other SDGs is multi-dimensional, exhibiting its pervasive importance in achieving overall sustainability.

In the context of SDG 2, 'Zero Hunger,' water plays a pivotal role in irrigation for agriculture, which contributes to global food security. For SDG 3, 'Good Health and Well-being,' safe drinking water and sanitation are fundamental to prevent waterborne diseases. In relation to SDG 7, 'Affordable and Clean Energy,' water is an essential component in the production of hydroelectric power, a significant source of renewable energy.

Moreover, water-related issues, such as flooding or droughts, can exacerbate socio-economic inequalities (SDG 10, 'Reduced Inequalities') and increase vulnerabilities, particularly in low-income communities. On the other hand, efficient and equitable water management can promote economic growth (SDG 8, 'Decent Work and Economic Growth') by contributing to various sectors such as agriculture, energy, and manufacturing.

Furthermore, SDG 13, 'Climate Action,' is intimately linked with water, as climate change impacts the water cycle and, subsequently, water availability. Addressing water scarcity and improving water-use efficiency are effective climate adaptation strategies. Finally, healthy aquatic ecosystems are central to SDG 14, 'Life Below Water,' and SDG 15, 'Life on Land,' emphasizing the role of water in maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Hence, ensuring access to clean water and sanitation for all not only aligns with the ethos of SDG 6, but also acts as a catalyst for achieving several other SDGs. Recognizing and addressing the intricate interdependencies between water and sustainable development can pave the way for robust, holistic, and inclusive solutions that further global progress towards the 2030 Agenda.

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