A study to determine the knowledge and attitudes of future physicians in the Cordillera Region of the Philippines towards climate change.
Addresses the Health Effects of Climate Change: a new expanded climate and health strategy based on data, science, and action.
The paper investigates the current state of climate-specific healthy literacy in patients and the impact of climate-specific medical advice on patients’ behavior regarding health co-benefits.
A "train the trainer" approach to facilitate incorporation of climate-content into residency curriculum.

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The healthcare industry is the second leading contributor of waste in the United States. This study reports a waste audit to identify key waste generators in an outpatient practice and start immediately reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

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An assessment of personal heat exposure measures and strategies to reduce heat risk.

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The evolution and development of a Center for the Environment and Health at one large academic hospital, as one model for approaching climate change in the healthcare environment.

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This Editorial discusses the lead up to COP26 climate change conference.

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In this Series Review, the authors discuss how climate change is affecting infectious diseases in Europe.