This study explores the current status and problems of breast cancer treatment with schizophrenia, including advanced stage diagnosis. It finds that patients with schizophrenia with reduced ADL are less likely to receive chemotherapy or recommended cancer treatment, and as such it is highly recommended that they breast cancer screening so that they can be diagnosed early and treated adequately.
Focused on mental health of young people and how it was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Links to good health and wellbeing for all.
The article looks at the effects on mental health when accessibility was limited during COVID-19 containment policies.
This chapter takes research on loneliness in elderly and applies it to designing intervention programs to help prevent loneliness.
Methodological summary for projecting future VSL-based economic burden of ADRDs (Model 1).
An article on the economic burden of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias, in the context of SDG 3, focusing specifically on the global, regional, and national estimates from 2019 to 2050.
This paper examines the relationship between farmers’ nutritional intake, production structure and regional market conditions.
An Article on dementia risk factors, in the context of SDG 3, focusing specifically on whether cardiac multimorbidity increases dementia risk.

Learning, Culture and Social Interaction, Volume 34, June 2022

Screenshot from CIRCA.
People living with dementia are capable of managing novel activities in collaboration with other people living with dementia.

Journal of Aging Studies, Volume 61, June 2022

A carer (on the left) gives food to the person with dementia (on the right).
This article addresses supporting those with late-stage dementia to maintain quality of life.
An Article on the burden of mental disorders among young people, in the context of SDG 3, focusing specifically on substance use disorders and self-harm in Europe.