Adolescent Dating Violence - Chapter 18: College-Based Dating Violence Prevention Strategies

Elsevier, Adolescent Dating Violence: Theory, Research, and Prevention, 2018, Pages 437-466
Meagan J. Brem, Autumn R. Florimbio, Hannah Grigorian, Joanna Elmquist, Caitlin Wolford-Clevenger, Gregory L. Stuart

Dating violence gained increased attention as a prevalent public health concern among college campuses. Despite its high prevalence and serious negative consequences, efforts to intervene with college dating violence have been largely unsuccessful and plagued with methodological limitations. This chapter reviews the definitions and epidemiology of college dating violence. Theoretical conceptualizations of dating violence are outlined followed by an overview of college-based dating violence prevention programming. Limitations of current research practices as well as legal, health, and policy implications for college dating violence research are discussed.