Cross-Cultural Family Research and Practice - Chapter 8: Intimate partner violence and child maltreatment: Definitions, prevalence, research, and theory through a cross-cultural lens

Elsevier, Cross-Cultural Family Research and Practice, 2020, Pages 249-285
Aleja M. Parsons, Richard E. Heyman, Danielle M. Mitnick, Amy M. Smith Slep

Family violence research has been plagued with inconsistencies in terms, definitions, and thresholds for intervention. Efforts to provide a normed standard for what constitutes intimate partner violence, child abuse, and neglect have clashed with attempts to recognize the impact of cultural variability on the experiences of family maltreatment. This chapter takes on this challenging intersection by answering vital questions about the operationalization of intimate partner violence and child maltreatment, including how to integrate the need for universal standards with considerations of cultural context. We first provide an overview of the research that refines the global guidelines for both partner and child maltreatment. We then review the prevalence of intimate partner violence and child maltreatment across cultures. Finally, we highlight cultural factors that can provide a more nuanced understanding of the impact of family maltreatment globally.