Forensic Psychology of Spousal Violence - Chapter 8: Considerations Regarding Spousal Violence Intervention

Elsevier, Forensic Psychology of Spousal Violence, 2016, Pages 97-114
Mauro Paulino

Beyond having the mission of understanding this issue, this book bears a central dimension on intervening in spousal violence. The intervention must be interdisciplinary, integrated, and coordinated to be effective and avoid secondary victimization. A central issue regarding spousal violence is the social and individual costs, which are high, namely in the fields of physical and psychological health. Similarly to most social and health issues, the best intervention to spousal violence is prevention. Alongside family, schools are an excellent socialization context for the youth. Something that is equally fundamental is the existence of experts with specific formation, prepared to recognize signs of violence and intervene immediately. Reality shows a necessity of a merely social intervention paradigm for an integration of this psychological analysis (eg, psychotherapy). A shelter without psychological intervention is incomplete in our view.