Plastics to Energy - Chapter 19: The Role of Biodegradable Plastic in Solving Plastic Solid Waste Accumulation

Elsevier, Plastics to Energy, 2019, Pages 469-505
L.S. Dilkes-Hoffman, S. Pratt, P.A. Lant and B. Laycock

Plastic accumulation both on land and in the oceans is an important issue of our time, and current trends predict that the magnitude of the issue will exponentially increase. It is thus imperative that we implement solutions to decrease the rate of plastic accumulation, as well as work toward reducing the impacts that inevitable accumulation will have. There will be no single solution to addressing these issues, so it is determining the effective combination of solutions that is important. In this chapter, we discuss the debate surrounding the role of biodegradable plastics in solving plastic solid waste accumulation and assisting the transition toward a circular economy.