Preventing Domestic Homicides - Chapter 2: Older women and domestic homicide

Elsevier, Preventing Domestic Homicides: Lessons Learned from Tragedies, 2020, Pages 15-37
Margaret MacPherson, Katherine Reif, Andrea Titterness, Barbara MacQuarrie

Older women who experience domestic violence present with an array of unique vulnerabilities that are still mostly invisible. Ageism is a significant factor in structuring the research that has studied domestic violence most often in younger women. As a result, older women’s experiences are frequently unaccounted for in the literature. Research in the field is further compounded by competing research paradigms and sectoral differences between elder abuse and violence against women. This chapter examines domestic homicides of older women through the lens of ageism. Unique risk factors and vulnerabilities of older women are discussed, and case studies are used to provide further context. The chapter concludes with implications and directions for future research and practice.