Processing and Sustainability of Beverages - Chapter 1: Adding Sustainability to the Beverage Industry Through Nature-based Wastewater Treatment

Elsevier, Processing and Sustainability of Beverages, Volume 2: The Science of Beverages, 2019, Pages 1-36
Dolores Hidalgo and Jesus M. Martin-Marroquin

Although wastewater composition varies from one facility to the other in the beverage industry, what these streams have in common is pollutant constituents and their potential negative effects on human and on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. These effluents present several risks to the environment and human health as they affect the present and future quality of water bodies due to the uncontrolled infiltration or voluntary direct discharge. This chapter presents the feasibility of traditional and nature-based in situ treatment processes for beverage effluents addressing the environmental problems associated with its management and providing the relevant socioeconomic and environmental values.