Sustainable Mass Transit - Chapter 7: Future Challenges and Sustainability Opportunities

Elsevier, Challenges and Opportunities in Urban Public Transportation, Chapter 7, 2017, Pages 95–107


In the past two decades, public transit agencies have aggressively tackled the challenge, influenced by ongoing climate change, in implementing numerous sustainable initiatives in many projects and pilot programs. Many have grown, proliferated, and continue to evolve. Potential future sustainability initiatives which should be cultivated include the growing implementation of wayside energy storage systems, an all-electric bus fleet, and a transit system with a dedicated renewable energy electricity generating power plant.

There are many challenges and opportunities sustainability professionals face to save energy, prevent pollution, and reduce greenhouses gases, including the chance to utilize subway tunnel ground water infiltration as an energy medium for heating and cooling, and using geothermal energy to harness the earth’s free energy. Green infrastructure can help manage storm water and save energy, and climate adaptation measures can provide flood protection for the subway environment. New and innovative advanced technologies are always being considered, and future sustainability initiatives become stronger working in combination with each other.