A holistic approach to embracing the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goal (SDG-6) towards water security in Pakistan

Elsevier, Journal of Water Process Engineering, Volume 57, January 2024
Mujtaba G., Shah M.U.H., Hai A., Daud M., Hayat M.

Water is a fundamental natural resource for human life, socioeconomic development and environmental protection. However, population growth, climate change, and unsustainable water management practices are putting increasing pressure on water resources in many developing countries like Pakistan. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6 (UNSDG-6) aims to ensure the provision of clean water and sanitation for all, and the sustainable management of these resources. The primary objective of this article is to present the Government of Pakistan's perspective on accomplishing sustainable water management through the UN SDG-6 roadmap. It provides an in-depth review of Pakistan's water reserves and the associated challenges faced in effectively managing these resources. The report emphasizes improving water governance, water conservation enhancement, and equitable water distribution promotion to attain sustainable water management. The sustainable water management practices in Pakistan could be improved by identifying potential solutions, policy recommendations, community engagement, capacity building, and public awareness campaigns. Water management policies should incorporate climate change considerations, long-term planning, and efficient water pricing mechanisms that will improve sustainable water management in Pakistan and other developing countries.