Lessons to learn from roadmapping in cleaning and decontamination

Elsevier, Food and Bioproducts Processing, Volume 135, September 2022
Wilson D.I., Christie G., Fryer P.J., Hall I.M., Landel J.R., Whitehead K.A.

The UK's Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council supported a series of meetings in 2021 to develop a roadmap for future research in Quantitative Modelling in Cleaning and Decontamination. Quantitative modelling in this context is the development of numerical and predictive tools, based on scientific principles, which can support design, operation and decision making associated with cleaning and decontamination. The activity involved identifying past and current activities on this topic across a range of different fields, including food and drink, consumer goods, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, nuclear, civil defence and biofilms. Input was received from operators, manufacturing companies, government agencies and researchers. The exercise identified a series of common needs which span sectors, and the challenges which need to be addressed to facilitate transfer of knowledge between sectors and develop the expertise required to tackle new challenges including those posed by sustainability.