Oceans and Human Health: Opportunities and Impacts

In this episode of the “World We Want” podcast series, the editors of the new book Oceans and Human Health: Opportunities and Impacts talk to Márcia Balisciano about about the fascinating connections between the ocean and human health, spanning from wellbeing and mental health, to medicinal resources, plastics, food and nutrition, and the health risks of polluted oceans.

Our guests for this episode include four contributors of the second edition of the book Oceans and Human Health, being published by Elsevier on June 1st. I welcome Professor Lora Fleming, a Physician, Epidemiologist, and Chair of Oceans, Epidemiology, and Human Health, as well as the lead editor of the book. We are also joined by Professor Helena Solo-Gabriele, an Environmental Engineer and Professor at the University of Miami, who serves as a Co-Editor of the publication; Professor Lota Creencia, a Fisheries Technologist and Organisation Lead for the Western Philippines University, also serves as a Co-Editor; and finally, we have Mr Jake Keast, a Medical Student at the University of Exeter, an Oceans and Human Health Researcher, and an Associate Editor and Author for the book.