Figure 4. A systems biology view of the aged breast microenvironment
This Review supports SDGs 3 and 5, focusing on screening, detection, and treatment of oestrogen receptor-positive breast cancers in older women, particularly in relation to recent moves to de-escalate some interventions for this population.
This Article supports SDGs 3 and 5, focusing on blood pressure and hypertension treatment and their association with cognitive impairment and dementia in older women.
A tissue biopsy to measure the role of mitochondria in the pathophysiology, is often not available. This article reviews biomarkers of mitochondrial dysfunction that can be measured in blood or blood cells suggests to use a panel of diverse blood biomarkers to identify a role of mitochondrial dysfunction.
Statistics related to the epidemiology of RDs and the importance of early diagnosis.
This article ties to SDG 3. This clinical review article, published in PET Clinics, looks at the effect of artificial intelligence on medical imaging for rare diseases. Key point: There is a significant need to recognize the challenge of data imbalance in rare diseases and to make concerted efforts to provide technical recommendations and guidelines.
This Article supports SDG 3 by estimating the prevalence of genetically confirmed facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy type 1, a rare disease, in China, showing that the estimated prevalence was 0.75 per million during 2001-2020.
An Article in support of SDGs 3, 12, and 15, investigating the adverse effects of deforestation on working conditions and all-cause mortality, highlighting how conservation and restoration projects could help to achieve public health benefits.
Historical and Continued Colonial Impacts on Heart Health of Indigenous Peoples
Colonization and enforced genocidal strategies have collectively fractured and changed Indigenous people by attempting to erase and dismiss their voices and knowledge.
Elsevier, Internet of Things (Netherlands), Volume 16, December 2021
This study investigates the capabilities, performance outcomes, and barriers of drones applied to humanitarian logistics (HL).
Roaa Al Feel, an early-career researcher, discusses her passion for using data science for social good.
A Health Policy paper on the threats posed by climate change to population health in China, in the context of SDGs 3, 9, and 13, focusing specifically on how the country can manage these risks to lead a green recovery.