Medicinal Plants for Holistic Health and Well-Being - Chapter 1: Traditional Medicine: The Ancient Roots of Modern Practice

Elsevier, Lall, Medicinal Plants for Holistic Health and Well-Being, 2017, Pages 1-11
Anna-Mari Reid, Carel B. Oosthuize, Bianca D. Fibrich, Danielle Twilley, Isa Anina Lambrechts, Marco Nuno de Canha, Sunelle Rademan, Namrita Lall

Traditional medicine is an important foundation on which modern medicine has been built. In these traditional practices, plants have been a crucial resource, owing to their abundance since the dawn of mankind. In modern times, synthetic drugs have become a lucrative alternative; however, plants as a resource remain the indispensable resource from which even synthetic alternatives are derived. Recently, natural medicines have shown increased popularity, not surprisingly when considering the benefits. By combining the knowledge derived from traditional medicinal practices with modern science, the possibilities for drug discovery and use of plants in the treatment of a wide array of conditions seems endless.