Current Opinion in Insect Science, Volume 38, April 2020, Pages 107-114

This journal article addresses goals 15 and 13 by exploring effective strategies to protect the global health and diversity of insects.
Advancing SDG 15, this article investigates the potential pore structure recovery effect by growing either alfalfa or grass plots.

Soil Biology and Biochemistry, Volume 143, April 2020, 107741

Improving rice yield potential is crucial for global food security. Taoyuan, China, is famous worldwide as a special ecosite for ultrahigh rice yield. Climatological factors affecting this phenomenon have been identified, but the potential molecular processes and environmental mechanisms promoting ultrahigh yield remain mysteries. Advancing SDGs 2 and 15, this article explores how soil microbial metagenomic characteristics effect ultrahigh rice yields.
Advancing SDG 15, this article explores the effect of drainage and rewetting on gaseous emissions providing an explanation in terms of community switches.
Remote Sensing helps fill data gaps and improve spatio-temporal transferability of projections, informing environmental interventions and policies towards achieving the SDGs.
Existing Earth Observation datasets can underpin spatial analyses of nature's contributions to SDGs.
Most south Asian countries witnessed localized greening/browning during 2000–2016. Coarse-scale satellite data (≥1 km) might not capture subtle forest degradation, therefore high-resolution data (≤10 m) must be used to assess current forest condition. A multi-step framework should be employed for accurate reporting of SDG 15.
This journal article addresses goals 14 and 15 by proposing a decision-theoretical framework to better achieve components of Aichi Target 11 (expand protected areas, improve representation of conservation features, and manage protected areas better), adding summaries of current system states within our framework and recent evidence-based guidelines on allocating resources between states.
We assess the success of natural reforestation in China's TNSP using satellite data. We use microwaves and SIF to measure water and photosynthesis in dryland vegetation. A strong correlation is found between reforestation and remote sensing data. Natural reforestation is successful at increasing vegetation activity in arid areas

One Earth, Volume 2, Issue 1, 24 January 2020, Pages 16-19

We reviewed the 40 top ecology journals (by impact factor), which are likely to have the greatest readership and influence in the field. In brief, we reviewed each article in each of the latest issues of each journal and categorized them as solution focused, non-solution focused, or uncertain.