The current review on atmospheric M/NPs is therefore focusing on sampling, sample preparation and identification methods. The approach will enable knowledge gaps to be identified, and recommendations to be made to support standardized and comparable future research
Interesting paper that reviews the relationship between Alzheimer’s disease and socioeconomic conditions in 120 countries for elderly men and women.
Good paper on how electroencephalography monitoring is being used as a method to diagnose Alzheimer's.
The article describes how to turn waste plastics into high-quality liquid oils by thermal and catalytic pyrolysis.
The authors of this paper conclude that training food service staff and other food service staff may be beneficial to improve meal quality in the Early Care and Education (ECE) programs but point out that positive changes did not last, perhaps indicating a need for longer and rigorous trainings.
WGS data revealed that herpesvirus/anelloviruses are naturally found in European populations. This represents the first comprehensive research on the plasma virome of pregnant Turkish women.
This Article supports SDG 3 by providing the first systematic review on uptake of testing and treatment and turnaround times to treatment initiation with point-of-care HCV testing versus standard laboratory testing, finding improvements on both fronts; this is reflected in new WHO recommendations on adoption of point-of-care HCV testing as an alternative to laboratory-based tests.
This article aligns with the SDG goal 3 of Good health and wellbeing and SDG 10 Reduced inequalities  by highlighting opportunities to leverage real data to better understand the outcomes of direct-acting antiviral treatment in smaller, discrete subgroups of HCV-infected patients that cannot be comprehensively evaluated in clinical trials.
This article aligns with the SDG goal 3 of Good health by showing that hepatitis E superinfection accelerate disease progression and increase long-term mortality in patients with hepatitis B liver cirrhosis