Special issues


Marine Policy, Volume 93, July 2018

This collection of articles explores the targets within Goal 14 and the ways in which marine spatial planning can advance these targets.


Sustainable Materials and Technologies, February 2018

Increasing consumption and demand for special and precious metals brings about associated risks if the supply chain is disrupted or constrained. These articles considers the ecological and social impacts of raw materials supply chain contributing to SDG 12 (responsible consumption and production).

 Towards Sustainable Cities and Society: Addressing the Water Security Challenge

Sustainable Cities and Society

This special issues addresses the water security challenges critical to achieve sustainable cities and therefore advancing SDG 6 clean water and sanitation and SDG 11.

SDG resources - poster

United Nations Global Compact, 2017

The Blueprint for Business Leadership on the SDGs aims to inspire all business to take leading action in support of the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This collection of chapters illustrates how the five leadership qualities of Ambition, Collaboration, Accountability, Consistency, and Intentional can be applied to a business' strategy, business model, products, supply chain, partnerships, and operations to raise the bar and create impact at scale. The Blueprint is a tool for any business that is ready to advance its principled approach to SDG action to become a leader.