Reduce inequality within and among countries

Diagram of wearable sensor based rehabilitation assessment steps.
Review of developments made in the field of post-stroke rehabilitation using wearable devices for data collection and machine learning algorithms for exercise evaluation.

Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, Volume 42, December 2021

Three basic social concerns are important to climate change: prosociality, egalitarianism, and concern with animals.
Focuses on rural electric inequality. This work proposes a rural electrification strategy that makes use of Geographic Information System (GIS), graph theory and terrain analysis to create the best electric network topology.
This article highlights the importance of extra support for those with learning disabilities.

Journal of Aging Studies, Volume 59, December 2021

This article focuses on how dance can increase the quality of life of those living with Parkinson's.
Promotes Goal 5 Gender Equality by proposing ways in which transport can be made safer for women in Bangladesh.

Forensic Science International: Mind and Law, Volume 2, November 2021

A look at forensic psychiatry in Africa and how it's developed.

Data in Brief, Volume 39, 2021, 107547

Map showing demographics of survey respondents.
The data in this article investigated the extent of human rights awareness in the Northwest geopolitical zone of Nigeria and its relationship with the characteristics of the population in the light of limited human rights claims in the region.
Midwives and women's perspectives on family planning in Jordan: human rights, gender equity, decision-making and power dynamics.
This qualitative study explored experiences of gender discrimination and sexual harassment among male nurses currently working at hospitals in Korea. Male nurses experienced various stereotypes as members of a minority in a female-led profession and experienced gender discrimination by patients, nursing colleagues, and institutions.