Principles and Application of Evidence-based Public Health Practice

2024, Pages 101-125

Public policy and linked social action must address the structural or intermediary social determinants of health. Though policy decisions or reform is one of the social action approaches, the programmatic, regulatory, and community development approaches need to be efficiently used. The COVID-19 pandemic expedited and facilitated collaboration with people outside the health sector. Such established and better-performing collaborations and social actions need continuation and expansion to other areas for better health and well-being. The national and subnational multisectoral action plan and its effective implementation can facilitate the “Health in All Policies” and address most of the social determinants of health.

Outbreaks, Epidemics, and Health Security

COVID-19 and Ensuring Future Pandemic Preparedness in Ireland and the World

2023, Pages 3-17

Future global health crises should, wherever possible, be managed in a bipartisan way, mindful of the divides they create, supporting SDG3.