Community Mental Health Engagement with Racially Diverse Populations - Chapter 4: Community-engaged research to address mental health disparities in American Indian/Alaska Native populations

Elsevier, Community Mental Health Engagement with Racially Diverse Populations, May 2020, Pages 83-111
Amy E. West, Angela L. Walden, Forrest Bruce, Melissa L. Walls, Michelle Sarche, Doris Isham, Julie Yaekel-Black Elk, Nancy Whitesell

Health inequities research is critical to promote understanding and improved outcomes in American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities, as these communities in the United States face staggering health and mental health disparities. Previous research in AI/AN communities has demonstrated that methodological approaches must be culturally driven and leverage AI/AN cultural strengths, belief systems, and competencies. Such approaches are optimally achieved when researchers and communities form authentic partnerships, founded on mutual respect, collaboration, shared decision-making, and open communication.