Flexible Applications of Cognitive Processing Therapy - Chapter 11: Applications of CPT in diverse populations and across cultures

Elsevier, Flexible Applications of Cognitive Processing Therapy, April 2020, Pages 225-238
Tara Galovski, Reginald Nixon, Debra Kaysen

In this chapter we review specific applications of CPT to populations different from the ones where the treatment was originally developed and tested. We provide a general framework for applying treatments to different populations. We also highlight aspects of CPT that increase its flexibility when applied to various populations globally. We describe the state of the literature in terms of where CPT has been tested and with whom. We also discuss the ways in which CPT has been flexed to meet the needs of a variety of locales and cultures while discussing the underlying rationale for those changes. Finally, we provide clinicians with guidance in applying this approach to the patients they may see in their own settings in order that they can all apply CPT in the most culturally sensitive way.