One Health Meets the Exposome Human, Wildlife, and Ecosystem Health: Chapter 7 - Bridging the Exposome and One Health Conceptual Frameworks to Achieve Global One Health and Reduce Exposome Load

Elsevier, One Health Meets the Exposome Human, Wildlife, and Ecosystem Health 2023, Pages 240-266
Mary Ann Ottinger, Cullen Geiselman

Seeking solutions for the challenges facing global health requires coordinated programs that directly addressing the threats to the health of humans, our surrounding ecosystems, and other living organisms. This volume has explored the dimensions of One Health and the Exposome approaches in the context of today's world and the potential for these frameworks to serve as structured approach(es) to effectively tackle these global issues. The current chapter coalesces what has been learned about the basic ingredients needed for human, domestic animal, wildlife, and ecosystem health. Case studies have been used to consider the applicability of these frameworks in real-world scenarios, with the ultimate objective to achieve healthy global populations and ecosystem health and sustainability. A merged One Health-Exposome framework combines the best of both concepts and provide the structure to effectively address the range of wicked problems driving today's complex global challenges.