Psychodynamic practice and LGBT communities

Elsevier, Contemporary Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: Evolving Clinical Practice, Volume , 18 June 2019
Lingiardi V., Nardelli N.

Although a specific psychodynamic therapeutic approach for LGBT individuals does not exist and is not needed, each sexual and gender minority raises particular concerns in the therapeutic setting. For this reason, therapeutic approaches to LGBT clients should align with the conditions outlined in the new edition of the Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual (PDM-2) in the section titled "Psychological Experiences That May Require Clinical Attention." To provide a comprehensive understanding of these experiences, the discussion in this chapter will consider the most relevant psychodynamic and developmental theories and empirical analyses. In particular, the effects of sexual and gender minority stigma will be discussed as causes of minority stress. In addition, recent social changes regarding same-sex civil partnerships, same-sex marriage, parenting, and the increasingly alarming phenomenon of homophobic bullying will be examined. Three short case studies will support the discussion.