Food Chemistry, Volume 343, 1 May 2021

This review article provides an overview of the active packaging incorporated with essential oils, concerns and challenges in industry, and the effect of essential oil on the packaging microstructure, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.
The global consumer sentiment is shifting towards food safety and nutrition. People prefer minimally and non-thermally processed food since thermal processing leads to the loss of nutritional value of food. Ultrasonic processing is known as a green and non-thermal processing technology. The article reports on ultrasonic processing of dairy products to enhance their functional and nutritional properties.
A responsive small-molecule fluorescence probe is developed for hypochlorous acid (HOCl) detection, using emerging technology for food safety and quality analysis.
Comparison between plant-based "cheese" and real cheese can help with formulating better products.

Trends in Food Science and Technology, Volume 111, May 2021

More 50% of harvested coffee fruit becomes waste. The use of coffee by-products in products reduces environmental impact. Coffee by-products can be used in several topical formulations.
Investigates alternative techniques to preserve apples post-harvest, to better preserve the apples for consumption, and so use of chemical pre-treatments which can harm the environment are not necessary.
Comparison between meat analogs and beef, from an environmental and sensory perspective can help a transition towards a more sustainable diet.
The prospect of innovations to disrupt the food sector during lockdowns, and post-COVID-19 era is discussed.