A Health Policy paper on the health impacts of banned pesticides in the Yaqui population in Mexico, in the context of SDGs 3, 10, and 12, highlighting recommendations for system-level solutions and policy change to current US, UN, and global laws.
This article ties to SDG 3. This review aimed to systematically summarise the quantitative literature on the relationship between employment and health and wellbeing for refugees and asylum seekers.
This Article supports SDG 3 by assessing the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics, and anti-fibrotic effects of PRI-724 in patients with cirrhosis due to hepatitis B virus and hepatitis B virus, for which there is currently no anti-fibrotic drug therapy available; PRI-724 was well tolerated but further evaluation of its anti-fibrotic effects is warranted.
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Innovative food products containing new ingredients have been designed to meet nutritional needs and new consumption trends.

This systematic review aims to identify articles that systematically reviewed measures of ADL for children and adolescents aged 7–18 years with DD to evaluate the quality of included articles, and describe the measures and domains identified.

World Hepatitis Day: Uniting in the Fight Against a Global Health Threat


International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology, Volume 368, 2022, Pages 143-212

This chapter aligns with the SDG goal 3 of good health and wellbeing by showing current approaches being used to modulate macrophage function in liver diseases and discuss the therapeutic potential of targeting macrophage subpopulations as a novel treatment strategy for patients with liver disorders.
This study presents evidence that PV (Participatory Video) nutrition education promotes a transformative change and is the first study to evaluate: 1) the influence of a PV nutrition education intervention on adolescent participants’ critical nutrition literacy and behavior, and 2) the perceived impact of the intervention on participants and local stakeholders. It is also the first study of a PV nutrition intervention with adolescent creators.

Sabiha Sultana, A.N.V. Satyanarayana, Chapter 4 - Urban heat island: land cover changes, management, and mitigation strategies, Editor(s): Ansar Khan, Hashem Akbari, Francesco Fiorito, Sk Mithun, Dev Niyogi, Global Urban Heat Island Mitigation, Elsevier, 2022, Pages 71-93, ISBN 9780323855396, https://doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-323-85539-6.00009-3.

This chapter advances UN SDG goals 11, 13, and 3 by discussing Remote Sensing-based strategies for managing land cover and ultimately mitigating anthropogenic heating and excess emission of GHG and pollutants by promoting green belts, vast plantation programs, and utilizing carbon-credit projects.