One Health Meets the Exposome Human, Wildlife, and Ecosystem Health: Chapter 5 - Ecosystem Health on a Global Scale

Elsevier, One Health Meets the Exposome Human, Wildlife, and Ecosystem Health 2023, Pages 150-189
Mary Ann Ottinger, Cullen Geiselman

Ecosystems provide the essential ingredients necessary for humans, domestic animals, and wildlife health. Any disturbance to the health, sustainability, and resilience of ecosystems impacts the health of humans and wildlife alike. The artwork depicts a range of ecosystems and their residents and captures the beauty and diversity of our world and wildlife. This chapter explores the multitude of global challenges to ecosystem health and resilience through the lens of both One Health and the Exposome specifically addressing (1) pollution, (2) climate change, and (3) human consumption and habitat conversion and their effects on the ingredients essential for ecosystem health and resilience. The effects of global challenges and the utility of the structured approach offered by these conceptual frameworks are discussed considering interventions and restoration of damage to ecosystem health.