Pollutec, the 29th international trade show for environmental equipments, technologies and services

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Taking place between 1-4 December 2020, Pollutec represents a pioneer environmental event as it was the first to focus on the environment as a professional specific exhibition. 

Today, Pollutec’s major fields are:

  • Water, Sanitation and Sewage Treatment
  • Waste Management and Recycling
  • Instrumentation, Metrology, Automation 
  • Industrial & environmental Risks  Management 
  • Air Quality 
  • Sites and Soils Management and Recovery
  • Energy 

Crossing this sector specific expertise, additional sectors have been developed applying a transversal and more global view with application to multi-sector markets, largely impacted today by the potential of digital technologies:

  • Sustainable City 
  • Sustainable Industry 
  • Sustainable Procurement 

Pollutec also considers closely environment emerging markets such as:

  • Ecological Engineering and Biodiversity
  • Seas and Coastlines ecosystems preservation (marine waste, debris and pollution management and prevention from the land)
  • Ecological and innovative agriculture 



Dec 2020
Dec 2020


Address details

Lyon Eurexpo France
Boulevard de l’Europe
69686 Chassieu