An article focused on (i) understanding how climate change is decreasing ocean biodiversity and (ii) identifying the planetary health impacts accelerated by ocean biodiversity erosion.
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This article analyzes the correlation between the mental stress and severe psychological impacts, specifically chronic stress, that patients with breast cancer experience and reviews the previous research on the correlation between chronic stress and the occurrence and development of breast cancer.
This article focuses on the risk of psychological distress and the quality of life of the primary caregiver of patients with cancer and identifies steps that may be taken for supportive management.
This cross-sectional study finds that younger age group (18–35 years) and female cancer patients appear to be more prone to distress and warrant more attention from health care staff and caretakers.

Loneliness in Older Adults
Effects, Prevention, and Treatment
2022, Pages 119-142

This chapter reviews loneliness from various view points including: immigrants, women, dependents, LGTBI
Higher dietary fiber intake is associated with improved specific components of cognitive function in older adults aged 60 years and older. 
Background: Climate change has important implications for the health and futures of children and young people, yet they have little power to limit its harm, making them vulnerable to climate anxiety. This is the first large-scale investigation of climate anxiety in children and young people globally and its relationship with perceived government response. Methods: We surveyed 10 000 children and young people (aged 16–25 years) in ten countries (Australia, Brazil, Finland, France, India, Nigeria, Philippines, Portugal, the UK, and the USA; 1000 participants per country).
Elsevier, Internet of Things (Netherlands), Volume 16, December 2021
This study investigates the capabilities, performance outcomes, and barriers of drones applied to humanitarian logistics (HL). A systematic literature review was conducted to synthesize prior research on drones and cumulatively identify current knowledge gaps which require further investigation. In order to identify the relevant literature on the topic, a rigorous research protocol was applied for the retrieval and selection processes. In total, 142 publications fulfilled the selection criteria and were thoroughly analyzed.
Roaa Al Feel, an early-career researcher, discusses her passion for using data science for social good. She uses data to reflect living conditions of society, and in the paper published with Patterns in November, the team explores machine learning techniques for the detection of fake news around the Syrian war, demonstrating the efficacy of meta-learning techniques when tackling datasets of a modest size.
Elsevier, One Earth, Volume 4, 17 December 2021
Behavioral science approaches to promoting sustainable action have mainly focused on cognitive processes, whereas the role of emotions has received comparably little attention. However, emotions have a great but currently not fully exploited potential to contribute to a sustainable behavior change. In this perspective, we summarize recent research emphasizing the central and indispensable role of emotion in human thinking and judgment.