Show effects of wildfires on the vocal communcication of an iconic threatened species
Solar panels in a field
Recognising our customers' exceptional work to achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals
This article describes the effects of climate and environmental change on viticulture in heroic & steep slope settings
In addressing the SDGs in general, the authors pose the question, “What is the potential role of SDGs as an accountability mechanism?”. A case study approach using interviews is taken to examine how certain organisations may use the SDGs as an accountability mechanism, and whether or not meaningful accountability is actually being achieved. It is concluded that the full opportunities offered by the SDGs are not yet in full use.
This article advances SDG # 3, 13, and 15 by demonstrating a clear increase in heat-related illness incidence that parallels the temperature elevations from climate change.
This Review supports SDGs 3, 10, and 15 by examining evidence on Indigenous People's mental health related to resource industries in settler colonial states. It shows that land is central to Indigenous people's mental health, and that land dispossession due to industrial development negatively impacted mental health in Indigenous communities.
Castellanos-Barliza and León-Peláez 2023 investigated the recovery of physical-chemical and biological properties of Technosols in a chronosequence of drylands (over 7,10 and 21 years) in the El Cerrejón coal mine in Colombia. Their results showed significant improvements in soil properties, especially near the surface, with notable increases in soil N content and P solution after 7 years. Enhanced vegetation development over time contributed to higher soil organic matter, indicating successful rehabilitation and positive impacts of the restoration strategy in degraded mine spoils.
This article advances SDG # 13, 14, and 15 by arguing that ecosystem integrity is neglected but important for climate adaptation goals, and shows how linking ecosystem integrity to climate, biodiversity and sustainable development goals is crucial for optimal outcomes.

Trends in Plant Science, Volume 28, May 2023

This opinion highlights how tapping into natural biodiversity, while incorporating information about local environmental and climatic conditions, enables crop production in marginal soils.

Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, Volume 565, 2023, 151916

This study provides a better understanding of the burrowing behaviour of the sub-legal size clams discarded on the sediment after being disturbed and contributes important data to improve practices for minimizing mortality of dislodged clams that are discarded on the sediment surface.