The authors of this paper found limited impacts of a 3 year nutrition BCC (Behavior Change Communication) intervention through agriculture-focused SHGs (Self-Help Groups) on nutrition outcomes and on intermediate pathway indicators expected to lead to those outcomes. Despite these limited impacts, much can be learned from the studied effort to improve women’s nutrition through SHGs.
This paper examines the relationship between farmers’ nutritional intake, production structure and regional market conditions.
An Article on dementia risk factors, in the context of SDG 3, focusing specifically on whether cardiac multimorbidity increases dementia risk.

Learning, Culture and Social Interaction, Volume 34, June 2022

Screenshot from CIRCA.
People living with dementia are capable of managing novel activities in collaboration with other people living with dementia.

Journal of Aging Studies, Volume 61, June 2022

A carer (on the left) gives food to the person with dementia (on the right).
This article addresses supporting those with late-stage dementia to maintain quality of life.
The immune disorders triggering the etiological mechanisms of depression are complex, and their biological effects involve multiple systems. Advances in clinical research provided new clues to the immunological mechanisms underlying the onset of depression, and continuous basic research provided a theoretical basis.
An Article on the burden of mental disorders among young people, in the context of SDG 3, focusing specifically on substance use disorders and self-harm in Europe.
An Article on mental health morbidities in family carers of individuals with psychosis, in the context of SDG 3, focusing specifically on online psychoeducation.
An Article on suicide risk among individuals from minority ethnic backgrounds, in the context of SDG 3, highlighting the heterogeneity in risk among minority ethnic groups and the need to change the practice of homogenously grouping individuals together in research and the public discourse.
Background: Childhood traumatic events are risk factors for psychopathology, but large-scale studies of how childhood traumatic events relate to mental health and cognition in adulthood, and how the b