Neuroscience, Volume 525, 10 August 2023

The article emphasizes the importance of providing training and supporting resources alongside open science initiatives to enhance accessibility and reduce barriers in the field. It suggests that these educational resources should be customized to cater to diverse user profiles, including neuroscientists, computational scientists, and educators.

Current Opinion in Microbiology, Volume 74, August 2023

Understanding the health of the mother can improve the health of the child.

eClinicalMedicine, Volume 62, August 2023

This Article supports SDGs 3 and 10 by showing that in Austria, Greece, Spain, and the UK, there is a dearth of targeted, tailored cancer prevention programmes for people experiencing homelessness, and concern from health professionals that cancer is not being spotted at early stages in this population.
Elsevier, Heliyon, Volume 9, August 2023
Mango fruits are a rich source of nutrients, however, due to their perishability and seasonality, minimal processing and drying offer the potential ensure a shelf stable and safe product. The use of sodium metabisulphite (SMB) as pre-treatment in the dried fruit industry has been widely adopted, but sulphite residue remains a health public concern. Therefore, this study investigated the effects of alkaline and acidic electrolyzed water (AIEW and AEW, mg/mL) as alternative pre-treatments to SMB (1% w/w) for ‘Tommy Atkins’ mango slices prior to hot air drying at 60 °C.

The Lancet Global Health, Volume 11, August 2023

This Health Policy paper supports SDGs 3, 15, and 17, among others, by exploring the potential values and risks of establishing an Intergovernmental Panel for One Health (IPOH), with the aim of contributing to addressing other global challenges, such as food and water safety and environmental degradation in the context of One Health.

Heliyon, Volume 9, August 2023

The study evaluates the use of nanocellulose as a food additive which is obtained from banana.

One Earth, Volume 6, 18 August 2023

climate change interacts with historical colonialism to shape fisheries in small island developing states. Greater attention to fish as food can improve food sovereignty and reduce historical inequalities

The Lancet Healthy Longevity, Volume 4, August 2023

This Article supports Sustainable Development Goal 3 by showing that although there was an increase in prescribing of antipsychotics to people with dementia during the COVID-19 pandemic, this increase was not responsible for the large increase in all-cause and stroke mortality in this population.

eBioMedicine, Volume 94, August 2023

This Article supports Sustainable Development Goal 3 by advancing our understanding of the possible role of active immunotherapy against amyloid-β in individuals with mild Alzheimer's disease; the findings of this phase 2a study support the continued clinical development of UB-311 as an active immunotherapy for Alzheimer's disease.