Milk alternatives are compared from an environmental and nutritional point of view for more sustainable food systems.
Identifies funding, research, and development pathways for emissions reduction via carbon capture and storage.
This Review supports SDGs 3 and 13, reviewing the complex interactions involved in the relationship between drought and adherence to antiretroviral therapy in Africa.
This paper is a review of renewable energy potentials and energy usage statistics in Ghana. 
Spatial resolution of the geographical information system-based model
Background: Increasing air conditioner use for cooling indoor spaces has the potential to be a primary driver of global greenhouse gas emissions.
Background: Human impacts on earth-system processes are overshooting several planetary boundaries, driving a crisis of ecological breakdown.
This paper focuses on limiting food waste by measuring consumers' willingness to eat aging produce.
The predicted future climate change can be expected to have an impact on the biogeochemical conditions in pit lakes that must be considered when modelling pit lake water quality. Climate change might e.g., affect temperature and precipitation patterns, which can influence other factors such as water balance, hydrology, limnology, and biogeochemical prediction
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