As growing coastal societies and projected high population densities predict a larger demand for marine ecosystem services in the future, jellyfish may affect the fulfillment of such needs, thus becoming prominent players in provisioning, cultural, and supporting services. Hence, our results advocate for their inclusion in multidisciplinary research beyond regional scales and call for investing in this group through systematic surveys.
Offers practical insights to guide shipping industry managers to introduce environmentally responsible and sustainable practices.

Transportation Research Procedia, Volume 72, 2023

Advocates and justifies a specific maritime policy that would protect marine biodiversity in the Mediterranean.

The Lancet Regional Health - Europe, Volume 24, January 2023, 100577

The editorial calls for action to reduce noise pollution that has detrimental impact on humans, terrestrial and marine life

Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology -Part A : Molecular and Integrative Physiology, Volume 274, December 2022

This article advances SDG # 15 and SDG # 14 by highlighting the value of the use of haematology in identifying changing patterns of health among seabirds which may serve as an early indicator of breeding failure, overwintering mortality, and population declines.
This paper highlights the alarming rate of which levels of chemicals are being found in seawater.
This is a really interesting paper of the risks that Northwest Atlantic poses on the leatherback turtle, such as plastic bags and rope.

Forensic Science International: Animals and Environments, Volume 2, December 2022

"Illegal wildlife trade is a global concern and a major threat to biodiversity conservation. DNA barcoding, specifically the use of cytochrome c oxidase subunit I gene (COI), is widely used to identify wildlife species in the Philippines. DNA fingerprinting provide accurate identification of aquatic species and can be used for monitoring and tracking IWT."
This paper identifies the socioeconomic and ecological factors that can stimulate the implementation of Nature Based Solutions in developing economies
How to determinemicroplatsctis in samples in a green way? Often sample preparation steps involve environmentally harmful chemicals. This artcile decsibes a robust, efficient and green sample preparation with a high separation quality.