Biodiversity and ecosystems

Most south Asian countries witnessed localized greening/browning during 2000–2016. Coarse-scale satellite data (≥1 km) might not capture subtle forest degradation, therefore high-resolution data (≤10 m) must be used to assess current forest condition. A multi-step framework should be employed for accurate reporting of SDG 15.

One Earth, VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1, P64-74, JANUARY 24 2020

This journal article addresses goals 14, 13, and 2 by focussing on coral reefs as vanguards for governance transformation, explaining the spatial, temporal, and political dynamics of reefs as they respond to climate change and outline a new governance paradigm applicable to all ecosystems.
This journal article addresses goals 14 and 15 by proposing a decision-theoretical framework to better achieve components of Aichi Target 11 (expand protected areas, improve representation of conservation features, and manage protected areas better), adding summaries of current system states within our framework and recent evidence-based guidelines on allocating resources between states.
We assess the success of natural reforestation in China's TNSP using satellite data. We use microwaves and SIF to measure water and photosynthesis in dryland vegetation. A strong correlation is found between reforestation and remote sensing data. Natural reforestation is successful at increasing vegetation activity in arid areas

One Earth, Volume 2, Issue 1, 24 January 2020, Pages 16-19

We reviewed the 40 top ecology journals (by impact factor), which are likely to have the greatest readership and influence in the field. In brief, we reviewed each article in each of the latest issues of each journal and categorized them as solution focused, non-solution focused, or uncertain.

One Earth, Perspective, Volume 2, ISSUE 1, P43-54, January 24, 2020

This article addresses goals 12 and 14 by synthesising and assessing the trajectories of multiple ocean claims with relevance for ecosystem sustainability, human well-being, and economic growth.

Emerging and Reemerging Viral Pathogens, Volume 1: Fundamental and Basic Virology Aspects of Human, Animal and Plant Pathogens, 2020, Pages 127-149

This book chapter addresses goals 3, 13 and 15 by discussing the coronavirus family (Coronaviridae) as a species specificity and interspecies transmission.

European Journal of Soil Biology, Volume 96, January–February 2020, 103146

Advancing SDG 15, this article explores microbial response in a no-till farm in Northeast China.
Advancing SDG 15, this article explores the impact of vegetation management on plant diversity.
Advancing SDGs 2 and 15, this article explores the impact of organic grain cropping systems on soil health.