Graphical abstract of article
Innovative food products containing new ingredients have been designed to meet nutritional needs and new consumption trends.
Providing affordable access to enough healthy and safe food for an ever-more-affluent and growing world population has become more challenging in the face of climate change, rising income inequality a
Milk alternatives are compared from an environmental and nutritional point of view for more sustainable food systems.
This is an article on the impact of government legislation to reduce pesticide use by farmers in India, in support of SDGs 2 and 3, focusing specifically on promoting sustainable agriculture, preventing biodiversity loss, and promoting human health.
This paper focuses on limiting food waste by measuring consumers' willingness to eat aging produce.
This study supports SDG 2 and 3 by exploring the interaction between air pollution and plant-based dietary patterns on cognitive function in adults, finding that adults with higher adherence to plant-based diets had a lower risk of developing poor cognitive function due to long-term exposure to air pollution. These findings suggest that shifting to more sustainable plant-based dietary patterns might be able to attenuate the detrimental neurological effects of air pollution, especially in developing countries.

Food Hydrocolloids for Health, Volume 2, 2022, 100058