Book chapters


International Encyclopedia of Education, Fourth Edition, 2023, Pages 574-585

This chapter advances Goals 4 and 19 by describing some of the ways in which Education International approaches some of key issues of policy and practice, both long-standing, such as social equality and human rights, and those that are emerging, such as uses of new technologies, privatization, decolonization of education and climate change.

Advances in Immunology
Volume 157, 2023, Pages 59-100

This content aligns with Goal 3: Good Health and Wellbeing by summarize the current understanding of inflammasome biology and the role of different inflammasomes in HIV pathogenesis with a focus on the recently described CARD8 inflammasome.

Andrew J. Boulton, Maria Elina Bichuette, Kathryn Korbel, Fabio Stoch, Matthew L. Niemiller, Grant C. Hose, Simon Linke, Chapter 23 - Recent concepts and approaches for conserving groundwater biodiversity, Editor(s): Florian Malard, Christian Griebler, Sylvie Rétaux, Groundwater Ecology and Evolution (Second Edition), Academic Press, 2023, Pages 525-550, ISBN 9780128191194

This content aligns with Goal 14: Life under Water by exploring different approaches for conserving groundwater biodiversity.

Chapter 13 - Applications of LiDAR in Biodiversity Conservation, Ecohydrology, and Ecological Process Modeling of Forest Ecosystems, Editor(s): Qinghua Guo, Yanjun Su, Tianyu Hu, LiDAR Principles, Processing and Applications in Forest Ecology, Academic Press, 2023, Pages 407-442, ISBN 9780128238943

This content aligns with Goal 15: Life on Land by exploring the role and advantages of LiDAR in biodiversity monitoring in forest ecosystems.

Loke Ming Chou, Chapter 10 - Sustaining marine biodiversity in Singapore's heavily urbanized coast, Editor(s): David Ting, Paul O'Brien, Progress in Sustainable Development, Elsevier, 2023, Pages 265-282, ISBN 9780323992077

This content aligns with Goal 14: Life below water by investigating how Singapore developed initiatives to protect and enhance marine biodiversity despite intense coastal development.

Smart Nanomaterials to Combat the Spread of Viral Infections: Advanced Strategies for the Prevention of Viral Infections, 2023, Pages 97-123

This content supports the SDG Goal 3: Good health and well-being by discussing the role of multifunctional metal nanoparticles as antiviral therapeutic agents and nanovaccines against different viruses, including human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis viruses, influenza A virus, herpes simplex virus, and severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2.

Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition, Fourth Edition, 2023, pages 327-335

This content aligns with Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities by examining the social determinants of health, food, and nutritional inequities.

Clinical Decision Support and Beyond (Third Edition)

Progress and Opportunities in Knowledge-Enhanced Health and Healthcare

2023, Pages 707-714

Clinical Decision support provides an effective tool to minimize many of the drivers of health disparities in healthcare. There is promising evidence that these tools can serve to promote equity across the healthcare spectrum supporting SDG 3. However, future iterations require a focus on equity from the start and inclusive and sustainable development, implementation, and evaluation practices.

Emerging Practices in Telehealth

Best Practices in a Rapidly Changing Field

2023, Pages 163-182

The need and opportunities for global health strategies to leverage the power of digital health technology to improve healthcare outcomes are growing. Telehealth and other digital health products and services are becoming increasingly important in this effort, and methodical strategies should be used to evaluate the need, application, integration, maintenance, and scaling of such solutions. With the correct attention upon these areas, digital health can serve as a catalyst to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce disparities across the world, supporting SDG3.

Comprehensive Guide to Hepatitis Advances
2023, Pages 525-555

This content aligns with Goal 3: Good Health and Wellbeing by highlighting hepatic manifestations of HIV infection.