Public Health, Volume 194, May 2021

Research on how online singing communities during the COVID-19 pandemic can be beneficial to people living with dementia.

25th May 2021

World Environment Day is the most renowned day for environmental action. Since 1974, it has been celebrated every year on June 5th, engaging governments, businesses, celebrities and citizens to focus their efforts on a pressing environmental issue. To mark World Environment Day 2021, Elsevier presents a curated list of free access journal articles and book chapters in support of this year's theme - Ecosystem Restoration.

Heliyon, Volume 7, May 2021

Investigates alternative techniques to preserve apples post-harvest, to better preserve the apples for consumption, and so use of chemical pre-treatments which can harm the environment are not necessary.

Developments in the Built Environment, Volume 6, May 2021, 100047

Along with the demand to reduce carbon emissions, today's unused agricultural by-products from mostly crop but also livestock farming have great potential to support green African urban innovation and create new opportunities for rural businesses. This article contributes to SDGs 8, 11 and 13.

The Journal of Climate Change and Health, Volume 2, May 2021, 100011

The health impacts of the climate crisis demand that health systems adapt their practices and mitigate their carbon emissions. Contributing to SDGs 4, 11 and 13, this article argues that health services and policy research (HSPR) is crucial for the transformation of these systems.

Case Studies in Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Volume 3, June 2021, 100104

Contributing to SDGs 6, 13 and 14, the article reviews the ability of adsorptive membranes to benefit the environment through the removal of contaminants and/or pollutants from wastewater, such as dyes, heavy metals, and pharmaceutical compounds.

Future Foods, Volume 4, 2021, 100042

Comparison between meat analogs and beef, from an environmental and sensory perspective can help a transition towards a more sustainable diet.

Trends in Food Science and Technology, Volume 110, April 2021

The prospect of innovations to disrupt the food sector during lockdowns, and post-COVID-19 era is discussed.

Handbook of Water Purity and Quality, Second Edition, 2021.

This book chapter advances SDGs 6 and 11 by providing information on various sources of pollution and ways to monitor them. Assuring water quality and purity is extremely important because water is an essential material for human survival.