Graphical abstract

Redox Biology, Volume 51, May 2022

This paper reveals effective etiological capabilities of theranostic F-SLOH to target and intervene multiple neuropathological changes in AD mouse models. Therefore, F-SLOH demonstrates tremendous therapeutic potential for treating AD in its early stage.

Translational Autoimmunity, Autoimmune Diseases in Different Organs, Volume 4 in Translational Immunology, 2022, Pages 309-331

This chapter aligns with the SDG goal 3 of good health and wellbeing by examining current efforts to treat patients who do not adequately respond to standard immunosuppressive treatments as well as to find novel noninvasive biomarkers that can reliably substitute liver histology in assessing liver fibrosis and in predicting hard long-term outcomes.

The Lancet Planetary Health, Volume 6, April 2022

This Article supports SDGs 3 and 6 by developing estimates of regulated metals in community water systems, which can be used in future studies, and by showing that there are significant sociodemographic inequalities in public water uranium concentrations.
Elsevier, Heliyon, Volume 8, April 2022
In the past decade, mental health is embedded in the concept of health and teachers’ mental health has become the focus of surveys. In this study we examined the mental health of special educator-students compared to their lecturers and inspectors at the University Semmelweis Pető András Faculty. We used the validated Hungarian language Mental Health Test (MHT) to assess the mental health. The MHT is linked to the concept of physical and mental wellbeing, it is ability-based approach, and examines 5 areas: wellbeing, savoring, creative-executive efficiency self-regulation resilience.

Sustainable Energy Transition for Cities, 2022, Pages 19-29

This book chapter advances SDGs 13, 7, and 11 by explaining how to promote the transition toward future cities models based on efficient resource consumption and effective implementation of neutral circular economy urban strategies.

Sustainable Energy Transition for Cities, 2022, Pages 141-194

This book chapter advances SDGs 13, 7, and 11 by presenting a set of parameters, operational strategies, and guidelines for a Net-Zero Energy City.
The ultimate goal of organic solar cells (OSCs) is to deliver cheap, stable, efficient, scalable, and eco-friendly solar-to-power products contributing to the global carbon neutral effort. This work demonstrates great potential to close the lab-to-fab gap of OSCs.
Elsevier, The Lancet Global Health, Volume 10, April 2022
A Comment in support of SDGs 3 and 5, highlighting that comprehensive abortion care is an integral component of sexual and reproductive health that that saves women's lives and safeguards their dignity and bodily autonomy.
Elsevier, The Lancet Global Health, Volume 10, April 2022
A viewpoint, in support of SDGs 3 and 10, discussing the general neglect within global health scholarship of the intersection between health inequities and LGBT+ populations in low-income and middle-income countries in Africa.
Elsevier, Current Developments in Nutrition, Volume 6, 1 April 2022
Background: Community participation has the potential to improve the effects of interventions and reduce inequalities in child growth. Multidimensional indicators capture such effects and inequalities. Objectives: The objective of this study was to measure the association between multidimensional child growth and community participation in 2 nutrition-sensitive interventions. Methods: A Multidimensional Index of Child Growth was calculated with the 5-y-old cohort of the Vietnam Young Lives Survey.