Elsevier, NFS Journal, Volume 23, June 2021
To exceed in sugar consumption is one of the main causes of overweight and obesity, especially for children and adolescent. However, sugar reduction, especially in baked goods, is challenging due to its effect not only on sensorial properties but also for other quality parameters. Multiple technological strategies to obtain muffins at low sugar content addressed for children were studied.
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Elsevier, NFS Journal, Volume 23, June 2021
Magnesium is one of the most important micronutrients for the human body, is involved in many physiological pathways and is essential for the maintenance of normal cell and organ function. Magnesium deficiency in healthy individuals on a balanced diet is quite rare, but needs may change over the course of life. In women, in particular, there are various physiopathological conditions that may increase magnesium requirements, useful for both disease prevention and treatment. Indeed magnesium is well recognized in obstetrics and gynecology area.
Elsevier, Journal of Mathematical Behavior, Volume 62, June 2021
We investigate United States and South Korean citizens’ mathematical schemes and how these schemes supported or hindered their attempts to assess the severity of COVID-19. We selected web and media-based COVID-19 data representations that we hypothesized citizens would interpret differently depending on their mathematical schemes. We included items that we conjectured would be easier or more difficult to interpret with schemes that prior research had reported were more or less productive, respectively.

Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Volume 148, June 2021

Children with disabilities in Ontario, Canada have their right to equal access to education protected by the 1990 Ontario Human Rights Code and the 1990 Education Act. These legislated rights require the delivery of stigma- and barrier-free education services to children with disabilities. However, the extent to which compliance is achieved by school boards and individual schools is questionable and warrants attention as a matter of both scholarship and public policy.


eClinicalMedicine, Volume 36, June 2021

This Comment article supports SDG 3 and 10 by underscoring the need to address systemic racism in order to achieve health equity, and emphasising the need to develop more nuanced metrics to more broadly document and measure the extent and impact of systemic racism on the health of affected communities.

EClinicalMedicine, Volume 36, June 2021

This Research paper supports SDGs 3 and 10 by providing national US estimates of the association between fatal police violence and pregnancy loss. Fatalities were measured within core-based statistical areas (census-defined urban areas). The findings showed that for each additional police-related fatality during the first 6 months of gestation there was a decrease in the total number of live births within the area. There was a decrease in births among Black women, but not among White women.

The Lancet Digital Health, Volume 3, June 2021

This Comment describes how systematic biases in data linkage misestimate health needs for ethnic minorities and further entrench existing disadvantages.
Figure showing the great variety of common pollutants and pollutants of emerging concern in water.

Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, Volume 29, June 2021

Pharmaceuticals are an important group of potential EDCs (endocryne disrupting compounds) in groundwater and surface water. Photocatalytic degradation of pharmaceuticals and organic contaminants is described for nanotubular structures.

Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Volume 122, June 2021

This article discusses the radiological safety of groundwater around a uranium mine in Namibia.
Figure showing the conceptualization of water security

One Earth, Volume 4, 18 June 2021

This review article examines observed and projected climate change impacts on water security across the world's drylands to the year 2100.